Shoubu Dojo is in many ways Tucson’s best kept secret. Having studied in martial arts myself for over 13 years, I was critical about the potential for learning traditional martial arts effectively here in the United States. Thanks to his fluency in both Japanese and Aikido, Cody Lewallen Sensei has not only an understanding of the art for himself as a skilled practitioner, but has the ability to communicate the art’s meaning eloquently, pragmatically, and concisely-a truly unique trait in a teacher these days. The result is a fast-paced martial arts class focused on more doing than talking where student growth and proficiency are the inevitable outcomes of consistent attendance and simply following Cody Lewallen Sensei‘s lead.

~ D.D.

Recently while performing my duties as a Loss Prevention Officer with a major retailer, I was attacked by a shoplifter. After 15 years in this industry this can be a common occurrence where you have to fight to defend yourself. What was different about this encounter was my ability to use the martial arts and Aikido training taught by Lewallen Sensei that helped resolve the situation quickly, with the least amount of force necessary, with no harm to myself or the shoplifter. The shoplifter admitted to the police as they took him to jail that he fought to get away, but was taken down so fast that he just decided it was easier and safer for himself to give up. Lewallen Sensei has worked in the security industry and understands the volatile nature of this profession and teaches remaining calm under pressure as well as confidence in your martial arts and Aikido training. Anyone who is in the security or Law Enforcement field owes it to themselves and their loved ones to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to train with a true Aikido Master, Cody Lewallen Sensei.

~ S.T.

It is a rare privilege to find an Aikido master of Cody Lewallen Sensei’s caliber in a small town like Tucson. It is even rarer to find someone who can convey to his/her students the techniques in layman’s terms. Having lived overseas and trained for over a decade in Japan, Lewallen Sensei brings us an unadulterated philosophy and spirituality of Aikido straight from the source. He strives to relay the ‘essence’ of Aikido to us. As we’ve learned, trying to overpower your opponent with strength instead of proper technique displays ‘bad’ Aikido and a lack of understanding of the art. Proper martial art technique should be easy and just flows as you blend with your opponent. Until you see Lewallen Sensei in action, you might not appreciate how powerful yet fluid Aikido can be. Until you observe him teaching, you might not appreciate how easily he conveys the intricacies of Aikido. But once you watch or participate in a class, you will be impressed like I was. I would suggest that you take this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Aikido the way it is still taught in Japan. Come join us and drink from the source.

~ J.C.

Last year I was involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident. After extensive physical therapy I needed to find something to help rebuild my muscle tone and balance. I was recommended to try martial arts and I heard about Aikido and was very curious. I was introduced to Cody Lewellen Sensei through a friend and he encouraged me to visit his martial arts class and watch a session. I also saw Lewallen Sensei online and was very impressed. Being a female, I was at first a little intimidated, but Cody Sensei and all of the students in the dojo have been so patient, kind and helpful in teaching me everything they know about self defense and Aikido. It is nice to know that Lewallen Sensei’s teacher in Japan is a woman, and that if I learn this martial art called Aikido, I don’t have to be big and strong to make the technique work. I feel very fortunate to be training here and believe anyone who joins us will feel the same.

~B. Winslow