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Why Tenshin Online?

Tenshin Online is the only online training program that teaches authentic Tenshin Dojo Aikido techniques by the top-ranked teacher actually from the Tenshin Dojo. But, how do you learn Aikido anyway? You can’t just learn the coveted techniques from the famous Tenshin Dojo by watching a single how-to video. That is why this online class is so valuable. You get the actual experience of being a member of the dojo by seeing the techniques taught many times throughout your training, all taught with a different nuace in mind so the whole technique is learned in a deep and meaningful way, not just a 2 dimensional one-time explanation. Being a member of the Tenshin Online training program gives you ALL the different experiences from being in the actual dojo. In addition, you will receive the historical, philosophical and tactical background you need to understand the whole of the techniques, and the heart of Tenshin Aikido. Don’t settle for instant gratification or the smash-and-grab, learn Tenshin Aikido the way it was meant to be, like the forging of a sword, hard work, dedication, and constant improvement are the only way to the top.  Do you have what it takes?

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